Beard Maintenance

You gotta, gotta try a little tenderness

Unless you’ve got daily access to a qualified barber then maintaining your facial hair between trips to the barber will become essential. Whether you have a full beard, a freestyle goatee or an English moustache, maintenance is key. You wouldn’t buy a new car and stop cleaning it, forget to oil it and let the tyres run flat, would you?

Assuming you’re now through that awkward stage of beard growth at around 3 weeks where your hair is longer than stubble, but shorter than what most would say is a beard, you’ll need to look after that beard the first stage is caring for it with a range of oils, washes and balm. FYI Congrats if you’ve got through that stage as it requires patience and commitment.

Clean me

Beard Wash cleans the beard and the skin underneath so form a vital part of maintenance. You only need to wash your beard 2-3 times a week, to avoid drying it out and normal shampoo won’t do, it will dry your beard out as they are much higher in acidity.

Keeping it tidy

Beard trimmers only get you so far, they’re not designed to help shape a full beard or maintain a moustache, no matter what the manufacturers say and once you’ve surpassed the maximum grading on your trimmer you’re going to need to keep shape with some scissors, and not the ones you use to cut wrapping paper with.

A steady hand and a decent pair of scissors help keep hairs in check, stops those errant  strays from drifting into your mouth while keeping general shape nice and tidy.

You also need to educate and train your beard to grow in the direction you want. Not only are combs and brushes good for training, they help spread products through your beard evenly, ensuring every single hair is lovingly oiled and groomed.

Keep that neck in check

The general ruling on neckline is to keep it in check. If you’re opting for a shorter beard then a more tapered neck line suits, however if you’re growing it out and aren’t going for the full natural beard then the rule of thumb (almost literally) is a finger width above your adam’s apple and keep it in line with your jaw shape.

Oil me up

Beard oil isn’t a necessity but it’s a good thing to have. You don’t need a beer, but you feel better when you’ve had one. That’s beard oil.

Beard oil replaces all the oils that are stripped out from day-to-day abuse and washing. It’s best applied straight after the shower on a damp beard. You only need a 3-4 drops if you’re sporting a shorter beard or 6-8 if you have a longer beard!


There’s a huge range of choice when it comes to maintaining your facial hair. Just ensure that you’re using quality products and the right techniques and you’ll be on the road to an amazing beard or moustache! Check out the featured products from Beardbrand over at