Beardbrand Temple Smoke Utility Balm Review

Beardbrand have been the knight leading the charge for men’s beard products since 2012 so it’s no surprise they manage to produce the best beard taming products on the market.

Where beard oils tend to be the “go to” product for people to buy when they start growing a beard out, and rightfully so… just check out our list of Beard Oils we’ve reviewed and you’ll see how much choice there is. However when you need some more hold then you grab a beard balm, and what better balm to try out than Beardbrand’s Gold Line Utility Balm.


Beardbrand have three lines available, all made with the same high quaility oils and balms but uniquely fragranced. White Line is a Target only offering, their Silver Line is the mid-range with Tree Ranger, Tea Tree and Spiced Citrus and finally the top of the range Gold Line fragrances that started with the Four Vices blend. A year later, they launched Temple Smoke, and then Old Money. The Gold Line fragrances are produced so they feel elevated, complex, and luxe.


Balms are growing in popularity, they offer the same benefits of beard oil but in a balmy buttery blend. Where the base of oils are, well….. oils, the base of balms tend to be butters and beeswax. They range in consistency from firm with strong hold due to higher levels of beeswax to smooth and whipped consistency due to a butter heavy base.

Bardbrand Utility Balm is exactly that, it’s an all round multi-use balm, with mango butter, cocoa butter, shea butter, jojoba oil, lanolin, the balm is great for your beard or skin. It’s light when applied, super easy to rub in and perfect for your beard as a leave-in conditioner. The perks of it being a Utility Balm is it can be used for dry skin and tattoo care – and it does work…tattoos look way more vibrant!


Let’s get to it. Temple smoke smells absolutely epic – notes of Frankincense, Myrrh, Oud, Palo santo and Vanilla. The rich fragrance of oud incense which features in so many of the top colognes is really warm and rich, perfect through the coming winter with the sweet and smoky scent.

If you haven’t already, go check Beardbrand out on all the socials @beardbrand – if you’re looking for grooming videos then the Beardbrand Youtube has 1000s of videos and if you’re looking for more grooming tips check out Beardbrand alliance!

Our Rating

9 Fragrance

8 Feel on the skin

8 Feel on the beard

9 Value

The Beardsman Score