When we first started back in 2014 there was a standout brand from Texas that not only supported our growth as a start-up brand but also the growth on our beards. It’s a welcome return to The Beardsman pages for our close friends; Beardbrand®.

Let’s fast-forward five years and Beardbrand® has grown, expanded their range and routinely delivers out awesome content across Instagram, YouTube and beyond. Their brand has grown with the industry, initially setting out to change the way society views beardsmen, and as the 2012 to 2015 “trend” died out it proved that men grow a beard when they feel like it, and are no longer relegated to a stereotype. Their new mission statement is To Make Men Awesome, they do this by delivering entertaining and educational content as well as providing world-class products to match.

The Range

The Beardbrand range has got you covered from head to toe, Dwayne Johnson right through to Jason Momoa.


What should be the first step in your daily ritual, cleansing. Beardbrand give us a great choice, from the renowned Utility Bar to specific beard washes and softeners and all available in their Gold or Silver line ranges.

Their Utility Bar is all-in-one bar designed for cleansing and shaving needs (See what we mean with Dwayne through to Jason). It can function as a body soap, shampoo bar, beard wash, face wash, and shave soap * drops mic *

Beard Wash & Softener

If you’ve already got a body wash you use but your beard doesn’t then we can’t recommend enough how vital it is to have a specific beard wash. Beardbrand have developed their wash from scratch, it’s silicone, sulfate and paraben free (no bad stuff).  Gentle enough for your face, yet gets into those coarse and curly beard hairs. Buzzing.

Couple this with their beard softener that you can match in your choice of scent. We’d go with Old Money or Temple Smoke from the Gold Line – Old Money has notes of Amber, Black pepper, Oak – yes please and Temple Smoke which is inspired by the rich fragrance of oud incense. It has deep and warm layers with an earthy, smoky undertone.


The bread butter of any grooming routine so once you’ve completed your shower routine and it wasn’t reminiscent of a scene from The Shining then it’s time to give a sh*t about your fresh ass and care.

Beardbrand’s offering has a total range to suit every version (Dwayne to Jason, again). Utility Balm is the latest “care” offering, made from all-natural ingredients and naturally derived fragrances, their utility balm is a deep conditioning balm that is perfect for keeping your beard and hair soft and hydrated, and keeps your skin moisturised and healthy. Beardbrand recommend that if you’re going to pick one product for your grooming routine, this could really be the one.

Beardbrand’s whole ethos is around taking pride in what they do, which reflects in men taking pride in how they look.  They’ve formulated premium products that are class-leading and work with the body’s natural chemistry to develop a healthy, long term hair-beard-body routine. So not only are you getting some epic products, you can feel safe in the knowledge that these are natural, safe and the highest quality.

If you’re in the USA, then head over to to order – unfortunately Beardbrand had to make the painful decision to pull out of the EU and UK market earlier in 2019 – taking a step back to explore the feasibility of manufacturing products in Europe to cut down on the time and cost involved in importing.