Christmas Beard Gift Guide | Two

Now we’ve finally seen off Halloween it’s legal to mention the C word. While it seems a little early, it’s sensible to get ahead of the game and get those gifts in early – don’t be another Arnold Schwarzenegger on Christmas Eve looking for Turbo-man.

So if you’re struggling with what to get your the man in your life, then here’s a list of our picks to keep those beards beautiful and gents happy:

Grave Before Shave  | Travel Beard Pack

Grave before shave are a well known supplier of bearded goods, if you didn’t know they also do a really cool range of clothing and accessories too. But our pick is their travel beard pack – it comes with a Grave before shave travel case, 100% wild boar hair beard brush cooling towel, beard wash, beard oil and beard balm – all available in your favourite scent.

Bottle Breacher  | 30mm MOAB Bottle Breacher

Bottle Breachers are hand crafted .50 Caliber, 20mm and 30mm bottle openers and made by Military Veterans in the USA. A few things about these; 1) They’re a bottle opener, everyone needs one, 2) They looks awesome so no need to hide them away, 3) The business hire’s veterans to reinvest in those that served, 4) Did we say how damn cool they look.

We love the 30mm breachers as they can dupe as a decoration in the home. We love the black breachers with the skull flag – for an extra you can even have them engraved making them a perfect gift.

Beardbrand| Alliance Membership

Growing a beard isn’t just about the hair on your face. A beard grows on you in more than just on your face. There’s a surprising community and deep down passion for beards. You see a man with a beard in the street and there’s an approving nod, you know – respect for the passion and commitment put into it.  Beard brand offer a private online community called The Alliance. It’s a community for individuals that seek to grow on a daily basis by investing in themselves and others.  The Alliance isn’t just about grooming – members of our community are dedicated to discussing everything about men’s grooming, style, lifestyle, and the journey of life.

It’s a lifetime membership and you also get some cool product perks

  • Exclusive access to new products before they’re released to the general public
  • Test unreleased products for Beardbrand Product Development
  • Secure Beardbrand products first to avoid potential stock outs