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The classic men’s barber shops drifted from British high streets since it’s turn of the century boom, a loss to hirsute gentlemen looking for an opportunity to look and feel their very best. The barbers were replaced with unisex salons and below par barbering experiences, giving way to a generation of men who had quite literally given up on grooming.

Fear not, the vacant shops and a generational change in attitude towards grooming has given birth to a plethora of traditional gentlemen barber’s and perfumeries. It’s a resurgence to the environment that’s welcoming, masculine, where you can relax, have drink and enjoy a traditional wet-shave or beard trim. A place for the discerning gentlemen with only the finest in grooming products and service. They truly are somewhere you’ll pay to be.

It’s 2006, Pluto has been downgraded to a dwarf planet, Google purchase YouTube for $1.65bn, ‘Diana’ a female Northern bottlenose whale ventured up the River Thames and Murdock of London lays it’s roots in London’s trendy Shoreditch. Their unique offering of classic services was an instant success which meant more Murdock retreats popped up across London and as far as Manhattan.

The overwhelming success drove their expert barber to curate and release Murdock’s own award winning range of products so you can take the Murdock experience home. We’ve had a number of them in at The Beardsman HQ and here’s our roundup of the best from the best:


It’s pH balanced and sulphate-free, which means it’ll scrub you up without putting your beard or your skin through the wringer. A base of coconut oil helps better create a luxurious lather upon, which compared to other shampoos we’ve had, this lathers up as good as any shampoo going and leaves your beard feeling soft, knowing it hasn’t stripped it of all those important oils. The scent matches the rest of their beard care range, with oakmoss and woodsy scent, uplifting and refreshing.


Back when we first tried Murdock’s Beard Moisturiser is was one of our all time favourites. The market wasn’t saturated with 1500 different brands so to stand out you had to be good. Their all-in-one beard moisturiser softens facial hair and your skin underneath. It corners a market that is overrun with choice of oils and balms by offering a moisturiser that doesn’t clog your hair or make it greasy.

We’ve yet to find a product that makes your beard this soft. It’s essentially a must have.


No grooming cabinet is complete without a Beard Oil, and Murdock’s range wouldn’t be complete without an oil. Their beard oil is mixture of jojoba, argan and apricot kernel oils to help protect and nourish right down to the skin. It’s a thinner consistency than some, meaning you’re getting more coverage but slightly less density than you will with others, but still gives you that glossy beard finish. Finished off in their traditional Murdock scent and Murdock blue bottle with pump.

Murdock also have a range of brushes and combs to ensure you get that full bearded experience. We’ve been using their Keats Wood Beard Brush, perfect sized to fit in pockets meaning while you’re on the go you’ll never have to worry about errand strays or any crumbs loitering in your fuzz. Made with a firm wooden handle and durable boar bristles (essential for any beard brush) – the bristles are soft and don’t tug like some we’ve used.

There’s no surprise Murdock’s range tops many “Best Beard” articles across the industry. Natural, considered and with an air of sophistication that many brands are missing. Check them out over at or pop into one of the barber shops for the full Murdock experience.

Our Rating

7 Beard Oil

9 Beard Moisturiser

8 Beard Shampoo

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